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Orthodontic Instruments Catalogue.pdf   86%



LA Based Americana Band Angie and the Deserters.pdf   86%



27.12.2016 art - Twenty One Pilots Concert Tickets.pdf   86%



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70k Tons Bericht.pdf   86%

Voriges Jahr im April habe ich das Ticket gebucht, obwohl gerade mal 4 bands bestätigt waren. (...)


Never Say Goodbye To Phish LD Chris Kuroda.pdf   86%



GDO.pdf   85%



engagement rings and wedding bands1801.pdf   85%

engagement rings and wedding bands1801 engagement rings and wedding bands We all realize that engagements are an auspicious occasion that comes in the life of someone. (...)


h1marriage and your wedding band1296.pdf   85%

you are shopping for cleverly crafted women and men's wedding rings such as, classic wedding bands, specific contemporary styles or perhaps even a diamond, hand made wedding ring, of superb innovation and character, attractive weddingrings and wedding bands tend to be the sensational outcome of human creative imagination and you'll be sure to obtain the the very best wedding band for your own personal (...)


Julia Gomberg new resume.PDF   85%



how to make great band1801.pdf   85%


03/04/2014   84%

Promotion, Small Movie Creation, Video Creation, Live bands & (...)


Hire the Best Band Possible for Your Next Big Event.pdf   84%

When considering companies or bands, you will want to make sure that they are available the day that you will need them. (...)


the songs of led zeppelin1336.pdf   84%



CT-1088 EUR 8 bands Jammer User Manual.pdf   84%

CT 1088 EUR 8 bands Jammer User Manual CT-1088 4G EUR 8 bands Europe Type User Manual Notice: (...)


where to find the top1417.pdf   84%

A lot of slim head bands possess grippers that can latch on to your hair, so you do not need to deal with repositioning your own headband four to five occasions throughout your Yoga provides all the information about Yoga in Miami. (...)


Stylish Diamond Mens Rings 2013.pdf   84%



For The Record's EPK.pdf   84%

They all met through playing in their respective bands in the Buffalo music scene. (...)


Give Your Wedding a Unique Atmosphere with a Live Band.pdf   84%

Everyone has been to a concert, some are lucky enough to go see their favorite bands, nothing can replace this feeling. (...)


BioTraining (1).pdf   84%

BioTraining (1) Your “About” Section  We hope you use this sheet as a good resource for creating a freelance bio that works best for  your profile.  ​The biggest thing we want to stress is just that this is your sales pitch, not a concert  bio.  We are also here personally to give you any tips to build an about section if you want.  We  have attached a few examples of some pretty good about sections below for ideas.  As you read  them, note the good parts of each about, such as:    ­active and exciting tone  ­highlighting their experience and cool gigs they’ve played  ­describing what the client/audience experiences at a gig they play  ­detailing logistics like their equipment, instrumentation, etc  ­selling their qualities (communicative, personal, fun, etc)  ­not too short but not too long    SAMPLE “ABOUT” SECTIONS    SOLO ARTIST:  Give your guest a night to remember: a personal concert from a dynamic singer/songwriter.  Experience music the way it was meant to be, from the heart, meaningful and just plain fun. My  style mixes songs ranging from Traditional Country to Modern Acoustic Rock and is inspired by  such artist as James Taylor, John Mayer and Jim Croce.  My collection of original songs will make this a one of a kind event and to appeal to all guests, I  mix in popular cover songs from classic artist such as Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton and The  Beatles to current artist Kings of Leon, John Mayer and The White Stripes. I can tailor my set to  your needs.  It's easy to have live music. I am fully set up with a sound system (Fishman SA 220) to  accommodate intimate settings to hundreds of guests (an outlet is all I need). Please ask any  question that you have.    BAND:  Look no further than award­winning band the Walkens for your wedding or corporate event. The  band's success is based in their talent, professionalism and versatility. Playing everything from  Top 40 to country to classic rock to Motown and more has made the Walkens one of the most  sought after bands in Phoenix and the Southwest, opening for national acts and playing more  than 100 weddings and corporate events a year!  Some of their recent clients include the NFL, Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Cardinals,  Paypal, Fox Sports, Mars Candy, AT&T, and many more!  The Walkens versatility allows them to play anywhere from a 4 piece band up to a 10 piece band  with horns, keys, female singers, fiddle players, etc. Their songlist covers everything from Top  (...)


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