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Project W First Jump Results.pdf   100%

Mason Akiwa, Josca Aldent, Forcha Alendare, Mirielle Asaki, Ozob Bozo, Andrew Chikatilo, Delaine De'Andre, Mushroom Greene, Stikkem Innagibblies, Kobura Juraxxis, Saile Litestrider, Ashlar Maidstone, Dungeon Manager, Mark726, Mynxee, Jen Outamon, Aiken Paru, Pileto, Zecht Reddas, Dorian Reu, Johnny Splunk, Dr Zemph WHAT IS PROJECT “W” • Myself and others have observed over time while wandering wormhole space in the New Eden cluster, that there seems to (...)


IJETR2229.pdf   96%

2321-0869 (O) 2454-4698 (P) Volume-7, Issue-6, June 2017 Detecting And Monitoring wormhole in IoT enabled WSNs Using EyeSim Nilima Nikam, Poorna R. (...)


BinaryAdaptionRecruitment.pdf   85%

BinaryAdaptionRecruitment Welcome to wormhole space. (...)


stephen_hawking_a_brief_history_of_time.pdf   80%



Interstellar.pdf   66%

Matthew McConaughey Anne Hathaway Jessica Chastain A group of explorers make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage. (...)


Aura_Cleanse_vfhdl9.pdf   55%



24I16-IJAET0916926_v6_iss4_1653to1663.pdf   52%

As MANETs lack a centralized infrastructure, they are exposed to a lot of attacks such as blackhole attack, wormhole attack and etc. (...)


Internetmarketing231_Posted.pdf   50%



37N13-IJAET0112166 revised.pdf   48%

There are RSUs (Roadside Units) and OBUs (On-Board Units) which gives us the mechanism of communication with other vehicles, so there is a good amount of probability that either of them might be attacked, hacked or crashed down through various threats such as malicious nodes, wormhole (...)


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